Investor Alert

03 Mar


It has come to the FIMM’s attention that there are unauthorised persons soliciting funds from members of the public purportedly for investment in unit trust funds.

Members of the public are advised that a person must be registered with the FIMM as a Unit Trust Consultant for purposes of marketing and distributing unit trust funds. Members of the public may verify whether a person is registered as a Unit Trust Consultant by contacting the FIMM at 03-2093 2600 (Business Registration Department) or by using the online verification facility here

Members of the public are advised not to make payment in cash to any unit trust consultant or issue a cheque in the name of any unit trust consultant.For payment using bankers’ draft or cheque, members of the public are further advised to contact and liaise with the relevent unit trust management company on the manner of issuance of the bankers’ draft or cheque.

If you have any information, complaint or query regarding the marketing and distribution of unit trust funds by unauthorised persons, please contact the Complaints Bureau of the FIMM at 03-2092 3800 or

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